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On the Upcoming Book: Relationships

I am not a celebrity, although my work in business and in philanthropy has allowed me to work with many people who have reputations for being well-known. Throughout the years I have been fortunate to work and have Relationships with numerous savvy, brilliant, and sharp business, sports and entertainment people. However, in my humble opinion the below quotes from my friends and clients have certainly overestimated me with their kind remarks. Frankly, I want this book I am writing to help other people learn from some of the mistakes and shortcoming I have personally made in my life.
—Jimmy Walker


LONNIE ALI Wife of Muhammad Ali

Jimmy is a master of staying in touch. He connects with people. He finds out what their interests are. We have a son, Asaad, and Jimmy is always staying in touch with him. It's not just Muhammad and I. It starts with Asaad. He'll call him up. He finds out when he's in Arizona. He really makes it personal. He's very genuine about his interests. The one thing about Jimmy is he follows that golden rule of getting back to you in 24 hours. Muhammad's relationship with Jimmy originally was one of philanthropy. They both are very kindred spirits. That's how they connect. That's why they stay in touch with each other, because they both have that common goal of helping others. Jimmy will come over to the house just to visit or bring someone by. He keeps Muhammad engaged.

PHIL ANSCHUTZ Investments- Forbes 400

Jimmy Walker is a rare individual. People like him who wish to do good, help others, and generally make the world a better place, while asking nothing for themselves, do not come along often enough. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is perhaps the highest calling any of us can hope to achieve. Jimmy is a role model for all and especially for the younger generations just beginning their careers.

CHARLES BARKLEY Hall of Fame Basketball

Jimmy and I met under strange circumstances. I thought he was a weird guy when I first met him. I was playing for the 76ers. Every time we played in Phoenix there was a Mercedes-Benz at the hotel for Dr. J to drive around. After Doc retired, when I checked into the hotel, there was a Mercedes-Benz waiting for me. I thought, 'Are you kidding me?' I never took it because I didn't know the situation. Doc caught up to me and said, 'Hey, you never drive the car while you're in Phoenix?' I said, 'Doc, I got no idea what you're talking about.' He said, 'My good friend Jimmy Walker always left me a Mercedes and now he's leaving it for you.' That's how we became friends. You see him at every game. He's a wonderful person. He's never asked me for anything other than Celebrity Fight Night. He has no agenda. This has been since 1994. It was a great thing to do. I'm happy for him where he has taken it. I'll take a little credit, but it's a testament to him.

ANDREA BOCELLI Hall of Fame Singer

An elevator that is ready to go up. Jimmy is there, in my memory, behind the sliding doors of the cabin while they are going to close. I go up and down, in the hotel that overlooks Central Park, as if it were my second home: on the top floor there is my refuge in New York - a muffled place where to rest and study - It seems to be on the peak of a forest but, on the contrary, it is in the heart or better, in the navel of the world. The elevator is going to go up, behind it there is Jimmy. I do not remember a handshake, but his hand that chooses to slip, at its own risk, between the doors and thus stops their closing in extremis. He enters between me and my companion Veronica, a sudden and unexpected colleague during our rise. Taking advantage of the forced intimacy and without wasting time (despite our expectations at that point very pessimistic) he does not turn out to be a robber; he does not want our wallets, but he is asking for a confirmation of his suppositions “Are you Bocelli”? After expressing his strong admiration for the results of my profession, he told us to be a friend and a cooperator of Muhammad Ali. A few minutes later, after breaking the ice, we got aware of the happy circumstance that would take me, in the following days, just to Phoenix for a concert. Jimmy is many things: self-sacrifice, generosity, solidarity and friendship. But if I had to speak of him in a flash, I would choose the image of a hand, his, forcing the hand of fate opening the door of that elevator, almost closed, thus giving birth to a beautiful friendship and giving me the possibility to meet his friend the legend of two, may be three generations, therefore even mine since, the days of my early childhood: Muhammad Ali. Two days later, on the occasion of the birthday of Lonnie Ali, thanks to Jimmy, we were able, unexpected guests, to wish her a happy birthday with music, in front of the astonished faces of her husband and family. Thanks to Jimmy, even that dauntless athlete, that Man from the past like no other, that icon of the world of sport broke the silence asking as a prayer («Sing for me») something I could honor with a great joy, dedicating him an Italian melody a cappella, while my voice was choking with emotion. Even Jimmy is a champion: his Celebrity Fight Night Foundation has been fighting and winning indifference, looking for increasingly ambitious goals, to offer practical help to those who are less fortunate. With Jimmy also the foundation that bears my name (Andrea Bocelli Foundation) has recently established a fruitful cooperation, in a virtuous circle of philanthropy that, at its origin still has two sliding doors that did not close. I wish everybody to be able to stumble along their own path, in such an unexpected companion while going up in an elevator. And when, at the hotel, the sliding doors of the elevator will be closing, my advice is: make sure that inside the cabin (and inside you) there is always space for an unexpected meeting, for a new lodger.

DALE BROWN Head Basketball Coach LSU 1972-1997

I have known Jimmy Walker for many years and he is a person the longer you know him the more you love and respect him. He is truly a blessing to all around him. It is nice to be important but far more important to be nice and Jimmy is one of the nicest men I have ever met.

MICHAEL BUBLE Singer-Songwriter and Actor

When I first came to Celebrity Fight Night I had never sold one record, no one knew who I was and this Dude was so warm and loving and sweet with me. He had so much time for me. I have met so many people in my life, but very few have had the impact of Jimmy Walker. I love him. I come to Celebrity Fight Night because of my relationship with Jimmy. That is the truth.

DR. JERRY BUSS Hall of Fame Owner – Los Angeles Lakers

Jimmy was one of my very favorite people when we were members of World Team Tennis. We saw eye to eye and it was a comfort knowing that you had a trustworthy friend in the league. The special memories are too numerous to mention. However, we shared many wondrous, trying, yet humorous times in the years we spent together in World Team Tennis. Thus, when I had the opportunity, I of course extended every courtesy to Jimmy and tried to help him with his clients. I knew Muhammad Ali was a generous and giving person, and I knew Jimmy Walker to be of the same persuasion. I, of course, did not recognize that introducing the two of them would result in such a grand benefit to so very many needy people.

JERRY COLANGELOHall of Fame Previous Owner- Phoenix Suns & Arizona Diamondbacks

I rib Jimmy about the fact that he knew about networking before networking knew about itself. He somehow, whether it is instinctive or not, is an incredible communicator who once he meets an individual, that person is locked in. He did all of this before technology. He's as good a communicator as you'll ever find. His MO is to stay in touch. Once he meets an individual, he gets to know birthdays and anniversaries and learns about the children and uses that in a very positive way. It really impresses people. There are times you'll get a call, an e-mail or a text out of the blue or something very specific that's happening at the moment. He spends a considerable part of his day just staying in touch. It's a remarkable trait.

KEVIN COSTNERTwo-Time Academy Award Winner

You are asked to go to these chicken dinners, and this one is the top of the heap, so you want to be respectable. I'd heard of Fight Night and Jimmy has a way about him. He called and asked if I'd do this. It's not my favorite thing to speak. I know it's about raising money. I had a hard time doing a speech about myself. "Thank you. I've worked hard, blah blah blah." I felt that wasn't where I wanted to go. Why not talk about Ali, the reason we are gathered? I'm glad I did. I labored over the speech two weeks. It didn't come easy. I went back to my youth when he popped on the scene. I talked about The Champ, not about myself. The speech was the story. When I first heard of him, my dad hated him. I watched him through my career, through the Vietnam War. My dad fought in that. I was encouraged at every turn not to like him. Public opinion turned in his favor. I really wanted to honor him and not pull any punches. After the speech, four or five guys from the Islam religion came up to me. They were surprised and congratulated me for identifying Ali in a way they'd never heard before. But I did labor over that. I'm glad it had a level of meaning. The family immediately came to me and asked if they could have the speech (for the Ali Museum in Louisville, Ky.) Jimmy's the gentlest arm-twister I've ever met and I mean that respectfully. It seems as though Jimmy is asking, asking but he's really a giver. I understand that Jimmy knows he asks, but he also understands that he's prepared to give. That's what comes through about Jimmy. You know he's going to ask and he's after big fish, but he stands by ready to give back to you. That should be noted. He's unique. He never goes to that "What about me point."

BILLY CRYSTAL Hall of Fame Entertainer

You don't hurt Jimmy's feelings if you say no. He almost lets you off the hook before he asks sometimes, so you know you have some wiggle room. But then you feel bad, so you always say yes. You always know that whatever you do for him, it's for something good. Even if you say no at first, he's not afraid to come back. He's a great middleweight fighter. No matter how much you throw a punch back at Jimmy, he's not going to feel it. He's one of those guys who never goes down. Over the years, I've always made it a point not to be friendly with people who sell insurance. Jimmy would see me sitting at Clippers' games at the Sports Arena. He came over and introduced himself. If there is a reunion of the Von Trapp family, he is one of the kids. He looks like one of the von Trapp singers at age six. If there was a picture in the Jewish dictionary that said Gentile, that's Jimmy's picture. He kept talking and talking and it never was about business. But he'd follow up. He knew he had the hook in the gill of the fish, not the mouth, but in the gill. With Jimmy, he never asks for more than you can give him. What you want to do with Jimmy is give him something, so he can do more. You always know that whatever you do for him it's for something good. He was in Beijing and I get an e-mail about Fight Night.

MARK CUBAN Owner, Dallas Mavericks, Forbes 400

Jimmy is amazing. Right after I bought the Mavericks I travelled with the team to Phoenix. I didn't know Jimmy, but he approached me at our hotel, introduced himself and made a simple offer to me. He said "Mark, whatever you need, just let me know" It’s a statement I have heard more times than I can count. Coming from most people it’s a throw away statement. Coming from Jimmy Walker it’s a commitment. That was 13 years ago and he has always been there for anything I need. Jimmy is a true gentleman with a heart of gold.

MIKE D'ANTONI Los Angeles Lakers Coach

Jimmy Walker has mastered the art of relationship maintenance. His ability to make connections and stay involved with people he meets teaches everyone that paying attention to details will go a long way. Friendly, approachable and available are keys to his successful business and friendships. The man truly loves what he does and his passion is contagious.

CLIVE DAVIS Hall of Fame Music Legend

I met Jimmy through Celebrity Fight Night in April, 2008, the year I was honored. I’ve been blessed to have been an honoree for other very worthwhile charities but no one has been more hospitable, more meticulous, more caring and more thorough in making my experience a truly memorable one. That night is still so vivid for me. First of all I wonderfully reconnected with Muhammad Ali. At the very beginning of Arista, I had the soundtrack to the film of the champ’s life “The Greatest “ and I commissioned the song The Greatest Love of All for that film. It subsequently became Whitney Houston’s signature song and to see Whitney in Phoenix together with the champ was very special. In addition, I was able to relive the entire Bodyguard movie memorable lifetime experience because Whitney, Kevin Costner and David Foster also were all there. And Jimmy outdid himself by inviting Dionne Warwick, as well, to sing “Happy Birthday” to me, putting renewed meaning into “That’s What Friends Are For”. There has not been a year since 2008 when I’ve not heard from Jimmy, always gracious, always solicitous, always thoughtful. He’s indeed the quintessential gentleman in a modern age where there are so few who can similarly qualify for that description.

CHRIS EVERT Hall of Fame Tennis

The special thing about Jimmy when I played for the Phoenix Racquets was it wasn't about the wins. It wasn't about the tennis. With him it was about the person. He's very religious. Other teams would play matches and go party or to discos. With Jimmy, you played matches and then he'd invite you to a Bible study. I always felt with Jimmy it was about getting to that next layer with the team, about going deeper and getting to know the person, who they are, how they are doing, where they are in their life. It wasn't a superficial relationship where, 'OK, I signed you for $100,000 and I expect you to get me tennis results.' He was a different kind of owner from day one. It was never about the tennis and it continued. He wouldn't get out of my life. Even if I wanted to, which I never did, he just stayed in my life. Once or twice a year I'd hear from him by phone or letter or invitation or he'd send me a book. More than 30 years later, he invited me to Celebrity Fight Night. He has this networking of relationships. It's not business. He hasn't made a cent off me in 25 years. It's not about, 'Oh, I can make some money off Chris.' He really cares about the people he has been associated with. He's one of a kind. I marveled at his faith. He really impacted me.

DAVID FALK Agent – Michael Jordan

Jimmy signed my first basketball client, John Lucas, to play World Team Tennis for Phoenix. Even though John never played for the Racquets, Jimmy honored the contract. That truly defines the character of the man. Jimmy stays in touch with people better than anyone I know. It is almost embarrassing, because you will invariably get a note, or a message from him just as you are thinking about reaching out to say hello. He probably invented Twitter without taking credit for the idea.

DAVID FOSTER 16-Time Grammy Winner

I first met Jimmy Walker around 1996 at the Grammys. The first thing I noticed was that he had a better seat than me. That was annoying!! Of course, I wouldn't realize until years later this was part of the magic of Jimmy. But Jimmy came to me with an offer that I just couldn't refuse. He said, "Would you be interested in helping me help the Champ, Muhammad Ali!" Those 12 powerful words forged what I hope will be a life-long friendship between Jimmy's family and mine. Of course my answer was Yes, but I could have never realized what a journey it would take us on. We both have met so many fascinating people because of each other--some of them in passing, and others, bonds for life. I could not imagine my life without Jimmy Walker in it. He has brought so much joy to me and my family and his dedication to Celebrity Fight Night will never be equaled by anyone else in my lifetime for any other cause...period! The one phone call I can always count on is Jimmy--2 days after the event--debriefing...strategizing about next year…. Yup, that’s right--one day off and then it’s all about what he can do better. The mold was definitely broken after God made this man. He is a one-of--a super-human--a beautiful friend--a kind man who lets his heart lead the way for him--he is a gentleman and.. a gentle man. God bless you Jimmy for not just being in my life, but for every life you have touched in your own unique and profound way. I’m proud to call you my friend.

FOSTER FRIESS Founder Brandy Wine Mutual Fund

Jimmy's vivaciousness, enthusiasm and likability flows from his love of the Jewish Scriptures which emphasize that God did not create us to pursue our own agenda or own happiness but instead to be a channel of God's love to others, His hands and feet in a hurting world and a blessing to each person He puts in our path. Fight Night is successful because of how Jimmy executes this motivation.

REGGIE JACKSON Hall of Fame Baseball

Jimmy is very easy to be around. He's like a beacon of energy. There's no sadness in the guy. And I'm sure he's not without problems. I'm sure he's had bumps and turns and divots in his life. But he's grateful for life and always does his best to do the right thing. He's a good family man, which I have the utmost respect for. Nobody is perfect in the world of business. I think it's more important to be a good person than a good businessman. Jimmy is certainly a good businessman. And his rise in his own business in the financial world of insurance and protecting people's fortunes.he's been fabulous at it. I'm absolutely amazed at the people he meets and the relationships he builds. There is no mountain too high for Jimmy when he climbs one and targets someone or wants to be someone. His Rolodex is unbelievable. He has always stayed in touch with positive notes, whether I was in New York or Baltimore or Oakland. I might not see Jimmy for two or three years and you see him and it's not like you skip a beat. In Phoenix, he gives you his car, he gives you his home, and he gives you his office.

MICHAEL JORDAN Hall of Fame Basketball

Jimmy always had a car waiting for me when I arrived in Phoenix. Initially I was skeptical, however I realized it was a generous act of kindness. I attended two dinner parties at the Walker home when Jimmy was helping one of my idols, Walter Davis, who was recovering from drug addiction. I understood and supported the reason why the Walker's hosted the dinners.

MEADOWLARK LEMON Hall of Fame Basketball

Jimmy knows how to contact people. We became friends through the Bible study Jimmy leads with businessmen every week. I have helped Jimmy for many years with his Bicycle for Kids program that he does when he gives back to people less fortunate; especially the young kids and their families. I even remember one year when Jimmy had me fight Jason Kidd with big boxing gloves at his Celebrity Fight Night event he started. Plus, he often has me speak with the homeless at his Monday mornings.

JOHN LUCAS Former NBA player and coach

The first impact Jimmy had on my life was when I signed a contract out of college to play with the Phoenix Racquets. I never played for his team; however, financially he honored the contract anyway. That told me something about him. We have remained friends throughout the year and I watched him at work after I got sober. At that time, there were no policies in place for drug and alcohol problems in sports. Jimmy was a star supporter of mine. When other players got into trouble, he was there and also very supportive. His philanthropist work is overwhelming. He supported Walter Davis and David Thompson and our work in the NBA as a whole.

RED McCOMBS Co-founder of Clear Channel, previous owner of Minnesota Vikings and San Antonio Spurs

Jimmy has a very engaging personality. He's the kind of guy who always makes you feel better after you have visited with him on anything. From the first time Jimmy contacted me about an insurance product, which I didn't have any interest in, he regularly contacted me over a 20- year period. Finally, we did one of the biggest programs he's ever written. The reason I contacted Jimmy when we finally got together to do something was because I wanted someone who was intensely interested in me and someone who was professionally always on top of the game. Jimmy, two or three times a year, would contact me to compliment or praise something I was interested in. We never talked business. He has a very low-key and pleasant way of staying in touch with people. When you get a call from him, you want to accept it because it's always a very positive call. It's more than patience. It says to me he really cares. That impresses you. I didn't hesitate to call him when I was ready. I didn't call two or three brokers to get bids. I knew he'd have the best proposal in the industry. I was comfortable with it and felt like he was working for me.

REBA McENTIRE Hall of Fame Entertainer

I've never been a part of such a successful benefit. When I first went, I thought this would be like all the others, but when I got there I saw all the huge celebrities and sports figures that were there. I looked around and wondered what makes this benefit so different. At first, I thought it was Muhammad Ali and then I met Jimmy Walker. I met Jimmy when my ex- husband on my TV show Reba said he was doing a benefit in Tucson with Pat Manley. Pat said if you like this, let's go next year to Jimmy Walker's Fight Night. I didn't know what it was but learned it was Ali's benefit to fight a cure for Parkinson's disease. That sounded great. To see how Jimmy Walker can connect to people is one the greatest things I've seen. He's very charismatic. You know at once he's sincere. He has that feel about him. Some people you are leery about, you know, what's your angle. But Jimmy is so pure. I'm blown away by him. He's the greatest networking person I've ever met. The first year I hosted, I walked up to the podium. People were talking and mingling and it's hard to get everybody in their seats. I stood at the podium trying to talk. Jimmy Carey, who was being honored that night, got up and started to yell at everyone. He stood up in his seat and said, "You all shut up. Don't you know who that is up there talking? That's Reba McIntire." At the other end of the table, Robin Williams got up and started talking gibberish ending with Reba McIntire. And Jim said, "I want you to get in your seat and I want you to be quiet." And Robin does the same thing, interpreting, and it goes back and forth. And everybody gets in their seat to watch the show going on and Jim says, "Take it away, Reba." I was spellbound. And flattered for them to come to my rescue. I had no control over that audience at all. They won my heart. I love them both. Another time, Nancy (Walker) came up to me and asked if I wanted a picture with Shaquille O'Neal. We went to his table and he looked like a parent who had gone to the kindergarten room instead of the table. I stood up next to him and my head came up to his armpit. I said wait a minute and pulled a chair out, and I had a dress on, and climbed up on the chair and took a picture with him. It's hanging in my house. At one benefit, I was sitting next to Faith Hill during the public auction. Foster Friess bid $250,000 for dinner with me at my house. When I looked down at Faith, she said she and her husband Tim (McGraw) would be there if I wanted to put them in the mix. So for $250,000 more, Foster got all of us. With Foster, we also had Kelly Clarkson and Ron and Jeanine Dunn from Brooks and Dunn and Bill Ingle. We had a blast. It's good old country cooking.

BRUCE McNALL Previous Owner Los Angeles Kings

I was fortunate enough in that situation that a lot of my close friends, business associate and celebrities remained very close to me during all that time, visiting me, writing me and calling me. But to get a letter from somebody like Jimmy Walker, who I had not done business with, did not know, somebody who had no other agenda than to reach out, was very meaningful to me. What struck me the most was here was somebody who cared enough to sit down and write something, who really had no other agenda, which often people tend to have, and he didn't. There may have been an agenda business-wise to reach out and try to connect down the road, but it wasn't what I saw initially and it really meant a lot to me that somebody cared like Jimmy to reach out to me without looking for something in return from me, since I was in no position to do that. We corresponded for a while and that was it.


Jimmy's a great networker. He has a large Rolodex and stays in touch. He'll call if you have a good game or if you're going through tough times. That's a big part of his business success. He shows he cares and is thinking about you.

LUTE OLSON Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

Jimmy Walker is a very special person and a very special friend. When he asks you to do something; speak to the homeless at St Vincent de Paul's, attend Celebrity Fight Night to help raise money for Parkinson's research....you do it. You know Jimmy cares.

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL MVP, Four-time World Champion NBA

Jimmy is a great guy and I hope he takes this the right way. Jimmy is a low-level botheration. He's very determined to be on point, especially with his business. I have about $100 million of life insurance with him and he calls me on Monday and says, you need this paper signed. Once, I was in Spain, and, with one of the insurance papers, I needed a physical. Jimmy flew over with a doctor to do the physical to get it done. He's a great businessman and a great friend. I call him the Big Contact.

STEWART RAHR Forbes 400 Business Man

You can attribute that to Jimmy Walker and the way his motivation is. I love him as a human being and what he stands for. That's why so much money was given, why I gave the extra million. From the moment the event is over, he's already starting to figure out how he can raise more money for the following year, by hooking up the celebrities and entertainment. When I see a guy who is so dedicated to a cause, an altruistic cause to raise money to give away, something stays with me. When I had an opportunity to reciprocate, I felt this was the right thing to do for the champ and for what it stood for. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. I got that from Winston Churchill. It has stuck with me. I gave a million to the Police Athletic League for Robert Morgenthal, the district attorney who is retiring and is a dear friend. They needed money. These are hard times. They try to give a new life to a child, which is important. I went to their facilities. I liked it. I like changing people's lives. The money was cut from the city, the state, and the federal. So I thought it was appropriate. I did the same thing with the Buonicontis. Gave them a million for spinal injuries. It's nice to be around people who like to give back and I feel very comfortable in that environment. It's the right place to be and the right charity to give to. They try so hard to feed the bottom line vs. the expenses, although that's a tough one to do because these entertainers and athletes require a little bit of the expenses. Plus the longevity of Muhammad Ali and what he represents. I loved his brashness and individuality. It's for a great cause. Period.

JERRY REINSDORF Hall of Fame owner – Chicago Bulls & White Sox

It seems almost anytime something significant happens I get a note from Jimmy or a phone call. He's better than anybody I know in staying in touch, in letting you know he's around, is there anything he can do to help you out. When Albert Belle played for the White Sox, he lived in Phoenix in the offseason and there was a golf course he wanted to play. Jimmy took care of it for me. There isn't a single person I've ever met in Phoenix who doesn't like Jimmy Walker. I've been watching a basketball game on TV with someone and we see Jimmy in the front row, and he'll say, 'I know that guy. Who is that? We've talked before.' Everybody knows the guy.

LIONEL RICHIE Singer-Songwriter and Actor

Meeting Jimmy for the first time, was like meeting the energizer bunny…God’s messenger on steroids. How can one man have so many projects on his plate and still have time for his own private life? The answer: PASSION. His priority is to deliver miracles and create hope. You are an inspiration to all of us. God Bless You.

DOC RIVERS Boston Celtics coach

Jimmy is a great friend. If I could hire him as one of my assistant coaches for the Clippers, I wouldn't hesitate. Because coaching is about motivating people. It's about getting people to see a vision and then working together to achieve it. That describes Jimmy's ability perfectly. He's a coach of people. He has the ability to bring people together from all walks of life. He's a champion!

WALTER SCOTT JR. Forbes 400 Businessman & Berkshire Hathaway Board member

Jimmy has built an amazing fundraising vehicle for a good cause. But it isn't through the hard sell. He has mastered the art of smothering you with kindness, an omnipresent friendly face at Fight Night and always there to say hello to guests. But it's totally sincere. He's simply the nicest guy in the world.

EMMITT SMITH Hall of Fame Football

Staying in contact with people like Jimmy does makes you feel connected. It's like creating your own network of people. When I heard that Celine Dion was coming to town, there was only one person I knew who knew her directly and that was Jimmy because of Celebrity Fight Night. Jimmy is well connected. I knew who could make that happen. When he calls and asks me to donate or participate in something, I have no issue.

DAVID STERN Commissioner of NBA

I can't remember how I met Jimmy or when. I'm sure it was in Phoenix or somewhere else in the company of Jerry Colangelo. He keeps us up to date on one charity event after another and even squeezes something out of us from time to time. He also reports back to us how he's doing and stays in touch through business cycle events. Every time I see him it's like seeing an old friend. I saw him in Beijing during the Olympics. I just assume he's everywhere.

DONALD TRUMP Forbes 400 Businessman

Jimmy is tenacious, which is important if you want to succeed. He had stayed in touch with Billy Crystal, which resulted in Celebrity Fight Night that honored me. At the live auction, two lunches with me brought in over $600,000 for charity. It was a great feeling. The fact that Jimmy refused to give up is one reason this came about, and his talent for networking is evident.

Hall of Fame Announcer

Jimmy is a giving guy who cares about people. He has stayed in contact with me through the years. He's updated me on what's he's doing with the Bicycles for Kids fundraiser. We need more Jimmy Walkers out there who are giving back.

BILL WALTON Hall of Fame Basketball

Jimmy is one of those inspirational human beings who makes everybody he comes in contact with happier about their own situations. Jimmy is one of those selfless saints. He's the ultimate team player. It's reflected in his business practices, his social practices and in his community contributions. What he does for Muhammad Ali, what he does to help countless people is amazing. He is not a self-promoter. Jimmy realizes that this world works when we're all on the same team. He's the epitome of Martin Luther King's brilliant statement, 'We may have all come here on different boats, but we're all in the same one now.' He is like Steve Nash. He walks out there and figures out what I can do to make this situation better. How can I help others realize their dreams? He's always looking for new ways to make positive contributions.

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